Corporate Academy


To advance together and strengthen
our relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers.

We are living in a digital world with huge transformations and innovations (Industry 4.0, smart working, webinars, etc.) spurred by the abruptness of the global emergency which caught us off guard and has hit private and professional worlds hard.

It has caused us to change our habits and modify our ways of working and handling business. Sharing the hardships, maintaining proper and constant communication with our stakeholders and opening up to new forms of alliance and co-opetition between organizations has provided many with the proper incentives to work together to transform relationships that will motivate everyone to change and will bring economic recovery and growth.

Conquering this challenge demands qualified preparation to communicate and manage the information and relationships inside and outside of our organizations effectively. This can only be accomplished with the guidance of professionals who can share their knowledge, field experience, know-how and behavioral strategies.

It is with this spirit that ISN wants to assist companies in the creation of Corporate Academies, based on the acquisition of effective negotiation and communication methodologies, as well as in the development of Human & Life Abilities – structures that will reinforce individual businesses but also be open to all our clients, partners and suppliers. This will be a place to share and also an outstanding point of reference, not only for professional training but also for business innovation, a place to anticipate market changes and build coopetition dynamics – which are increasingly essential in order to negotiate from positions of strength and to deal with the global market more effectively and with greater authority, power (i.e. awareness) and skill.

“There is not a more accurate test of the progress of civilization than the progress of the power of co-operation.”