THURSDAYS with LABottega dell’Arte
delle Human & Life Abilities

Negotiation in long-term relationships
From tools for problem solving to the conflict transformation paradigm”

THURSDAYS with de LABottega dell’Arte delle Human & Life Abilities - WebMeeting 2021

A one-hour meeting with ISN TEAM LAB
(6-7 pm)

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1. Relational Skills and Business Development – 11 February 2021
Recognizing and training your Human & Life Abilities to improve your relationships and negotiation processes
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2. Working with our Negotiator Business Advisor:
best practices for negotiations on company assets – 18 March 2021
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3. Family Enterprises:
negotiation and small- and medium-sized businesses – 22 April 2021
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Di padre in figlio: la negoziazione nel passaggio generazionale 20.05.2021

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LABottega dell’Arte
delle Human & Life Abililies

24 June 2021
6-7 pm

Partnerships for goals
(UN 2030 Agenda, 17 Sustainable Development Goals):
negotiation and co-opetition skills

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6. Negotiation in business crisis management – 8 July 2021

7. 7. The “negotiation table” in the global business market –
23 September 2021
Food is the best way to negotiate

8. The etiquette that makes a difference when developing international businesses
21 October 2021

9. The effects of power dynamics and personality structures on negotiation styles
18 November 2021

10. Negotiation in the international luxury market – 16 December 2021