WHO we are

ISN was created to transmit knowledge of the art of negotiation as a tool for relationships, communication and conscious change through personal and professional evolution.


The International School of Negotiation was founded by three women from three different fields (Vittoria Poli, Law; Elena Grassi, Psychology; Giovanna Todisco, Marketing and Communication) to help professionals and companies deal with the complex realities existing in all fields today by using a simple and efficient model which can be applied immediately to any interpersonal relationship.
ISN offers direct, immediately applicable tools to address national and international markets and to maintain and boost business relationships by working on Negotiation and Empowerment.

ISN uses an integrated learning model based on human skills and expertise to improve awareness, well-being and personal and professional growth.

ISN is setting up a laboratoryLABottega dell’Arte delle Human & Life Abilities – which will be ready for the second semester of 2021. It will be a place where learning, training, observation and practice can be acquired through example and the experience of our experts (counselors, coaches, negotiators and advisors) in psychology, neuroscience, business and law, similar to the way knowledge was dispensed in Renaissance workshops.


The true power of negotiation
lies in our



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ISN respects cultural and linguistic diversity, freedom of expression and the different ways it may be manifested. We can adapt our courses to each client’s individuality; the goal of our training aims to enhance everyone’s uniqueness.
ISN professionals are people who know how to relate to others. They eliminate barriers between themselves and their audience, creating connections through listening and learning.
They generously offer their students their experience and knowledge, interchanging them with new and gratifying experiences.

The best solutions come from keeping up to speed on new developments. ISN’s international focus allows us to make cutting edge updates and follow-ups on current research available to our clients.

The only constant
is building awareness

Our principal goal is to transmit the Art of Negotiation and Human & Life Abilities as tools for relationships, communication and conscious change through the evolution of individuals and their professional worlds. We build awareness of the reality that we will only be able to provide innovation and wealth in the third millennium by constantly fine-tuning our appreciation over time of the power of Human Capital.

Rethinking the Human Value
of our Relationship

We teach people how to manage the various phases of a negotiation in order to facilitate the growth, efficiency and sustainability of the organizations they belong to.

  • We bolster people’s development and fulfillment
  • We help groups cooperate and function better
  • We focus on creating awareness of the human element in work
  • We foster trust, recognition and respect


“Empowering People” is our main goal; it allows us to create a virtuous cycle wherein people can pass the ideas, working models and solutions they have learned to others. Every client becomes an agent of change and constant improvement, contributing personal intelligence and creativity to the knowledge they acquire.

Interdisciplinary ISN TEAM

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“Music and life can only be done one way: TOGETHER”
Ezio Bosso

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