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We are living in a digital world with huge transformations and innovations (Industry 4.0, smart working, webinars, etc.) spurred by the abruptness of the global emergency which caught us off guard and has hit private and professional worlds hard. It has caused us to change our habits and modify our ways of working and handling business. Sharing the hardships and maintaining proper and constant communication with our stakeholders has allowed organizations to create new alliances and new forms of co-opetition. Conquering this challenge demands qualified preparation to communicate and manage the information and relationships inside and outside our organizations effectively. This can only be accomplished with the guidance of professionals who, acting within their specific spheres of competence, can share their knowledge, field experience, know-how and behavioral strategies to help you train and hone your negotiation skills.

Collage Counseling

“Wyblo is a fully automatic app and web platform which has innovated the management of feedback for continuous improvement of the effectiveness of training processes. It combines behavioral and data science and is the product of a collaboration between representatives from the fields of psychology, sociology and pedagogy.”


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